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My characters

Mon Feb 23, 2015, 2:47 PM

I thought I'd waste a Journal to make a list of my characters (why are so many and I forget them easily ... XP)

This Journal will update every time I will modify or add something ...

LIST (in random order):

Bullet; Blue Kei  Keiryu_Character sheet by Lew-LapinGris
My favorite OC :heart::heart:
Bullet; Blue Max Max by Lewely (he deserves a reference more beautiful but its design and the colors are correct)
I love this sweet boy! he is second only to Kei
Bullet; Blue Jeanne Jeanne by Lewely :heart:
I love her! I like his personality solar
Bullet; Blue Haru Haru by Lewely
My dog-bear:heart:
Bullet; Blue Lewie Lewie _ ref-sheet by Lewely
Bullet; Blue Rin Rin_ reference sheet by Lewely
Bullet; Blue Serse Lord Phantom_ref-sheet by Lewely Design © :iconinsol:
I love the design of this guy so much :heart:
Bullet; Blue Sheru SHERU by Lewely (his ref is really old! I should update it....)
He was an adoptable but I decided to keep it!
Bullet; Blue Yuki Yuki_Character sheet by Lew-LapinGris (I have to do a real ref for him!)
Bullet; Blue Daren Wolves (does not have a ref ...)
Bullet; Blue Seiji Wolves (does not have a ref ...)
Bullet; Blue Zack  Wolves (does not have a ref ...)
Bullet; Blue Drew Wolves (does not have a ref ...)
Bullet; Blue Rain Wolves (does not have a ref ...)
Bullet; Blue Sylvie Wolves (does not have a ref ...)Design © :iconpooniefox:Adoptable Mutt Dawgs - CLOSED by PoonieFox

Bullet; Blue Faith (female wolf)
Bullet; Blue Inori Inori_Character sheet by Lew-LapinGris (old ref )
Bullet; Blue Nawel Nawelh __Character-sheet by Lew-LapinGris
Bullet; Blue Maru Maru__Character-sheet by Lew-LapinGris Design (c): :iconroxibefox: Collie x Shiba adoptable TAKEN by RoxiBeFox
Bullet; Blue Rune Rune__Character-sheet by Lew-LapinGris

Bullet; Blue Fable and Heart Fable by Lew-LapinGris (Heart is black)
Bullet; Blue Theru Theru__Character-sheet by Lew-LapinGris
Bullet; Blue Jinsei (Jinny) Jinsei__Character-sheet by Lew-LapinGris
Bullet; Blue Sora Sora__Character-sheet by Lew-LapinGris Design ©:iconazzai: character_adoptable by azzai
Bullet; Blue HanaHana-character sheet by Lew-LapinGris (I have to update this ref)
Bullet; Blue Ryu Kyuryu___reference_sheet by Lew-LapinGris Design ©:iconsharaiza:Half zaonis cub - for KeiryuWhiteWolf by Sharaiza
Bullet; Blue Shou Sora and Shou___reference_sheet by Lew-LapinGris The black fox ! (I have to update this ref)
Bullet; Blue Yun Yun_ ref sheet by Lew-LapinGris
Bullet; Blue Neige Neige_ref _sheet by Lew-LapinGris(I have to update this ref)
Bullet; Blue Sosò Cats__Character sheet_ by Lew-LapinGris (I have to do his ref)
Bullet; Blue Kito Cats__Character sheet_ by Lew-LapinGris (I have to do his ref)
Bullet; Blue NoirCats__Character sheet_ by Lew-LapinGris (design must be changed ...)
Bullet; Blue Amber (Mey) Cats__Character sheet_ by Lew-LapinGris (I have to do his ref) (probably will modify its design still ...)
Bullet; Blue Louis Petits chats by Lew-LapinGris(no ref... XP)
Bullet; Blue Miro Petits chats  (no ref... XP)
Bullet; Blue SabinPetits chats (no ref... XP)Chats by Lew-LapinGris
Bullet; Blue Other Cats again !!! Ragia: Mystery Cats 58 by Bluefallstripe Koy Mystery Cats 56 by Bluefallstripe Fo Mystery Cats 53 by Bluefallstripe and other.....
Bullet; Blue Nube Dogs adoptables! OPEN by runningfreely n.5 Design ©:iconrunningfreely:
Bullet; Blue Chou Shiba-pup-for-Keiryuwhitewolf by Aquene-lupettaDesign ©:iconaquene-lupetta:
Bullet; Blue ChibaDesigns-for-Keiryuwhitewolf CLOSED by Aquene-lupettaDesign ©:iconaquene-lupetta:
Bullet; Blue Fly Gazer x Celeste puppies - CLOSED by Sharaiza n.5 Design ©:iconsharaiza:
Bullet; Blue EikoZaonis cub - for KeiryuWhiteWolf by Sharaiza Design ©:iconsharaiza:
Bullet; Blue Ame, Sanzoand Taki Maisha x Saimak litter CLOSED by Sharaiza(n.1,3,5) Design ©:iconsharaiza:
Bullet; Blue Taisa and Tai RileyXAme Litter: Closed by Sedillo-Kennels  (n.3, 5) Design ©:iconsedillo-kennels:
Bullet; Blue Gála Little gifts by Aquene-lupetta(n.2) Design © :iconaquene-lupetta:
Bullet; Blue Méli(no ref)
A female Husky colored honey
Bullet; Blue ?Gryphon adoptables  CLOSED by OhMyAdopts
Bullet; Blue ?Red Panda adoptables by Al-Asparagus n.8
Bullet; Blue Jay Gift for Levely :) by Aquene-lupetta Design © :iconaquene-lupetta:
Bullet; Blue Roy Corgi Custom Import by SvalbardRanch  Design © :iconmexicanine:
Bullet; Blue Leaf Mutt Design For Leyver by mexicanineDesign © :iconmexicanine:
Bullet; Blue Storm Chibi Adoptables Husky-dragons -OPEN- by D-structiven.1 (And a griffin-cat) Design © :icond-structive:
Bullet; Blue Hiko Hiko__Character-sheet by Lew-LapinGris Species © :icond-structive:
Bullet; Blue Nia Pomeranian imports CLOSED by Aquene-lupetta (n.2) Design © :iconaquene-lupetta:
Bullet; Blue  BlueCLOSED - Bunny Griffs point adopts 3 by Chigle(n.1) Design © :iconchigle:
Bullet; Blue Group OC Design prizes_Part 2 by Aquene-lupettaDesign prizes_Part 3 by Aquene-lupetta (Lena, Marko, Nathan, Nordwin, Fee, Zarah, Sämi, Niche, Sun)
Bullet; Blue Sophie Sophie_Character sheet by Lew-LapinGris
Bullet; Blue  Oscar (no ref ) Chartreux cat
Bullet; Blue Seika Seika__Character-sheet by Lew-LapinGris
Bullet; Blue Seif  Seif_Character sheet by Lew-LapinGris
Bullet; Blue Sebastian Sebastian__reference sheet by Lew-LapinGris
Bullet; Blue Yillin Yllin_Character-sheet by Lew-LapinGris
Bullet; Blue Hansel Hansel by Lew-LapinGris
Bullet; Blue JohannOLD REF___Johann by Lew-LapinGris (old ref! I have to change its design)
Bullet; Blue Robin ROBIN_Character sheet by Lew-LapinGris :heart:
Bullet; Blue Tobei Bunnies by Lewely (White Rabbit bottom left)
(I have not yet decided for others ...)
Bullet; Blue Deiji
(no ref) Akita mix
Bullet; Blue Rèmi, Sylvain, Gilbert, Mathis, Heil sketch_dump by Lew-LapinGris
(No ref, This is their first picture, their design must be updated ...)
Bullet; Blue SilvanFly fox  adoption_ Closed by Lew-LapinGris
He was an adoptable but I decided to keep it!
Bullet; Blue Saber (no ref )
whippet long hair mix
Bullet; Blue Leith (no ref)
(Human, adopted brother of him)
Bullet; Blue Sea Cat Desing Contest - Sea by Laila-Kyo Design © :iconlaila-kyo:
Bullet; Blue Kai Ndxc by Aquene-lupetta (n.4) Design © :iconaquene-lupetta:
Bullet; Blue Erich (no ref)
small mouse dappled
Bullet; Blue Suè Max by Lewely ( the rat)
I should make a reference only for her
Bullet; Blue Falko- The black horse (no ref)
Bullet; Blue Wimbi  (no ref)
(blonde female horse)
Bullet; Blue Riko Play! by Lew-LapinGris Long Live by Lew-LapinGris (no ref)
Bullet; Blue Genki Genki by Lew-LapinGris
Bullet; Blue Bailey Bailey by Lew-LapinGris

Bullet; Blue Fio Renardelles adoptables_Batch 2_CLOSED by Aquene-lupetta (n.2)
Bullet; Blue Soren Soren_ Character sheet by Lew-LapinGris
Bullet; Blue Owen - Finnish lapphund
Bullet; Blue Yume _ the owl


Lol! Not all are, I think ... 8D
ha ha .... XP are too many !!!


-Other .....

Real dogs: Dogs- Character sheet by Lew-LapinGris Dogs 2- Character sheet by Lew-LapinGris

-Fan art: animalization

(I really love these designs)

SnK: Feline... by Lew-LapinGris Attack on Bunnies by Lew-LapinGris SnK: canines 2 by Lew-LapinGrisSnK: puppies by Lew-LapinGrisArmin by Lew-LapinGrisSnK: canines by Lew-LapinGrisAttack on shiba by Lew-LapinGrisSketch by Lewely


Thank you for listening ^^
Good day to you all !!


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xXDark-Demon-WolfXx Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
aw....ehm...senti tesoro,mi spiace davvero disturbarti,ma volevo chiederti una cosa
hai presente quando copy un qualcosa con la bacchetta magica e lo incolli da qualche altra parte?ecco...come tolgo quegli odiosi pixel bianchi intorno?
Lew-LapinGris Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sinceramente non saprei ... non mi è mai capitato.
Di solito io seleziono qualcosa con con il lazzo, lo copio e poì lo incollo ed è tutto ok ... (:
Temo di non poterti essere utile, mi dispiace ):
xXDark-Demon-WolfXx Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
:'D ah forse ho capito,io uso la bacchetta
magica,probabilmente è quello l'errore,dovrei
usare il lazo (hai ingenuamente risolto il mio
problema xD)
Lew-LapinGris Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol! Fantastico !
Spero sia cosi allora ^^
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SwiftingDanger Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  New member
MAy i please have a lineart of a wolf so I can practice my art skills? I need line art of a basic wolf pose and other poses as we'll if not I understand! I just wanna get good as you :3
Lew-LapinGris Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can't assure you, but I think a lighthouse lineart wolf soon enough ;)
Thanks ^^
SwiftingDanger Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  New member
Okie and your welcome 
Ghentian Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015
Thank you for the watch! :hug:
Lew-LapinGris Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem ^^
Rainy-bleu Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
P-trans (2) by Rainy-bleu  icon number two! number three should be should be uploaded shortly :]
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